Plan Your Life Goals

We provide you with a variety of Savings and Investment options that includes the benefits of life insurance as well. You can choose a plan based on your life stage and financial needs. Our investment plans provide you with a choice to form a portfolio suitable to your risk appetite. An early savings and investment decision can help you prepare financially for a long and happy life.

    Things you must remember while planning your Life Goals

  • It should offer good returns to generate the required corpus for the set goal and in line with your risk appetite
  • The policy term must be in line with your target goal period
  • The plan should be able to offer guaranteed payouts
  • Features like Family Income Benefit that offer income support to your family
  • Life Cover: Offer a lump sum amount to meet the set goal even if you are not there
  • Tax Benefit: The investment and growth should be exempt from income tax to maximize your returns
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