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1. Focusing on your development

Our success, both now and in the future, depends primarily on our people. We work hard to attract and retain talented, unpretentious people with a 'hands-on' mentality and create an environment in which they can perform to the best of their abilities.

People joining Exide Life Insurance will be connected to a wealth of training, development and career opportunities. However, our philosophy is to encourage people to take ownership of their own progression. We will provide you with the resources you need, so that you can expand your own competences and experience - but the choice of direction will often be yours to make.

2. Growth Opportunities

Our success as a company is not just about great products, but about great people. We continuously identify fast trackers, promote and position them appropriately. We have numerous success stories of colleagues who have grown to senior management positions in a short span of time purely on the basis of exceptional performance and excellence.

3. Learning & Development

Exide Life Insurance lays great prominence on creating an environment which is conducive to building a learning organization.

The learning framework at Exide Life Insurance supports the enhancement of Behavioral/Soft Skills, Leadership Capability and Functional Skills in all our people. To implement this, a large number of learning interventions has been implemented.

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