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Housewife, Bangalore

Hi. I am Revathi. After college I chose to become an Exide Life Insurance Advisor. Today, 10 years later, I am a married woman, a mother and a Master Financial Advisor - thanks to Exide Life Insurance's world class training. Being an Exide Life Insurance Advisor gives me unlimited earning opportunity unlike a regular salaried job. I can also pursue Bharatnatyam and my other passions. Thank you Exide Life Insurance!


S.R. Swaminathan


Hi, I am S.R. Swaminathan. Post my retirement I returned from Dubai and joined Exide Life Insurance as an advisor which allowed me to drive my passion for sales and marketing. It also provided a deep sense of gratification of reward by helping people achieve their financial goals and provide their family with financial security.
Thank you Exide Life Insurance for giving me an opportunity to work for the society and give back something that I was so lucky to receive.


N. G. Hanumantha Reddy

Self Employed

Hi, I am N. G. Reddy from the Fort city of Chitradurga. After exploring multiple business opportunities I joined Exide Life Insurance. Since then, my life has got truly secured. Today I am a CEO Club member. Exide Life Insurance has truly made all my dreams come true like my Dream Home! Thanks to all my Clients and Exide Life Insurance for making all my dreams come true.


Ajit Singh

Group Agency Manager

Hi, I am Ajit Singh, a Group Agency Manager with Exide Life Insurance. The Training and Marketing support from the company has helped me grow and build strong team of 60 advisors. Today I am a successful entrepreneur with my own office with unlimited earning potentials, respect from my family and well-wishers. Thank you Exide Life Insurance for providing such a wonderful platform.

Neeru Gupta


Hi. I am Neeru. I joined insurance industry some 10 years back on behest of one of our family friends. Before I realized, my life started changing rapidly as I created a purpose of my being. Exposure to public dealing & negotiations built a new found confidence in me. I started managing time more efficiently both at my home and in office. The euphoria around my work is shared by my husband and kids alike. Over the past few years, the recognition I have received on various National & International platforms has added a sense of pride and satisfaction along with the financial freedom. Thank you Exide Life Insurance !

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