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Corporate Social Responsibility 

Say No to Plastics
Exide Life Insurance is in the business of helping its customers manage their financial futures. Like protection of life insurance is important to build a foundation for our family's financial future, it is important for us as individuals to protect the environment that will lead to a safer and better tomorrow.

Say No to Plastics is a very unique initiative from Exide Life Insurance that educates the citizens of India on the negative effects of usage of plastics and encourages them to switch to environment friendly materials.

Under this program, our teams have engaged with more than 100,000 households. Our teams go door to door and during every interaction they handover "Kora Cloth" bags and make people take a pledge towards this noble cause.

This program was recently recognized by Rural Marketing Association India through a Gold Award in the Door To Door Marketing (Social) Category.

Exide Life Insurance thanks all those have already said no to plastics.

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